Hang-Arounds are the latest innovation in readers. With a pair of Hang-Arounds, you’ll never lose your reading glasses again.
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 At first glance they look like ordinary reading glasses, but on closer inspection you’ll soon see the cleverly designed sprung arms are longer than normal and shaped to hug your neck when they are not in use. When you do need them, simply slide them up to your temples and wear them as you would any other reading glasses. The sprung arms gently and snugly hug you no matter what size head or neck you have!

How often have you been away on holiday, been working outdoors on a sunny day or just wearing your regular reading glasses in bright sunlight and wished you had a pair of sunglasses that were reading glasses too! Well here at Snaptacles, we have created the perfect solution, sun glass readers that are also ‘hang-Arounds’!

Hang-Arounds are made of strong polymer and come in a variety of trendy colour combinations and lens strengths from dioptre +1.00 to +3.00. Order yours today simply click here!