3 Things You Can Do To Make You Look 10 Years Younger

Brown&orange clear 1200x565There are lots of expensive treatments and remedies for those who want to lock horns and do battle with the ageing process. We think there is an easier way. Here’s our quick list of just 3 things that you should be doing that make you look younger.

1) Use low cost reading glasses.
There is no shame in admitting you need to wear reading glasses, but do look beyond the Pound Shop. Think of your reading glasses as a fashion accessory, not something that serves as a headband when you look up from the computer to converse. Spend a few pounds more and get some stylish frames. Look at our range here.

2) Wear wire-rimmed sunglasses.
We hate to be the ones to break this news to you, but John Lennon is dead. When it comes to glasses, we say “bigger is beautiful.” Bigger sunglasses also do a wonderful job of covering any crow’s feet lines and will make sure you don’t get more of them from squinting in the sun. Look here for our range of sun glass readers.

3) Don’t use eyeglass ropes.
We may all need to wear reading glasses, but why advertise the fact that you also misplace yours so often that you need to tie them to your body? They are not fashionable. They scream “old biddy.” Librarians may beg to disagree. Our Hang-Arounds are a great alternative that ensures you’ll never lose your glasses. Click here for more information.